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The Other

Curated by: Elliott De Cesare

The exhibition receives its title from the philosophical and psychoanalytic concept of “the other”, as the recognition and adaptation of the self being in relation to other people and their desires. The exhibition simultaneously makes reference by appropriating its title and advertising from the 2001 Hollywood horror film entitled (under the plural form of the same name) “The Others”. In the film The Others, a women and her two children occupy a home which they begin to believe is shared with the presence of unknown others. As the plot unfolds it turns out that they themselves are the apparent spirits which are occupying the home of the living, in which case they themselves are the others.

Similarly as in the film, the phenomonological concept of the other, exists as an invisible entity. It is the product of both the living and the dead, a apperition that is both real and imagined. Our preconceived notions of the world around us as well as our desperate attempts to cultivate identity in relation to the desire of the external world, provides the basis of a real ilfe haunting. The ghosts of our fantasies then unfold in the form of actors, actresses, social media personas, and other characters to project ourselves into the movie that is now real life.

“No door is to be opened before the previous one is closed”