Becoming Encounters.


Chellis Baird and Alida Sun

October 11th - November 15th

Opening reception October 11th 7-10PM with DJ Svetlana Voice

Special Reception October 19th 7-10PM

BECOMING ENCOUNTERS: Sympoietic Agents of Unseen Atmospheres

Light, textiles, code, architecture, painting, and sound merge in immersive assemblages that anticipate human behavior in the age of algorithms. What is the manifestation of our actions in a mixed reality where borders between the intangible and physical transform and disintegrate?

Conjuring the invisible, quasi-mythological entities that increasingly shape our digital worlds and collective experience, generative forms illuminate and set in motion woven compositions that twist and flow between 2- and 3-dimensional planes throughout the exhibit. From artist-driven code frameworks and real time sensory feedback, the surrounding environment never assumes the same form twice.

Anybody who enters becomes integral to a shifting, open-ended experiment of space, materials, processes, and people.